Specialist Services

Trace Heating

Sometimes, more than insulation is required to keep a product from freezing or to maintain a particular temperature. In this case, we can offer a full design, supply and installation service for trace heating.

Metal Fabrication

Metal cladding (stainless steel, aluminium or coated metal) is purpose made for each contract in our own metal shop, so pipework, ducting, tanks, vessels are all undertaken.

Valve and Flange Covers

Where pipework is metal clad, we usually fabricate purpose made metal boxes, lined with insulation and fastened by means of quick release toggle clips. Alternatively, we can provide made to measure thermal mats, made from silicone glass cloth and fastened with Velcro® and drawstrings.

Bioler NDT Testing

We can remove boiler insulation and cladding to expose welds as required for testing, and replace it afterwards with an almost unobtrusive repair.